I know everyone has different priorities and tastes but I think Im leaning towards picking the countertop first in all likelihood granite and then matching the cabinets and tile to that. Do your floors first. Painting A Kitchen Kitchen Diy Makeover Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Design Theres a good reason to do this. What to do first in kitchen remodel. With a gas oven you will first need to have it properly disconnected from the gas

Flooring goes in last. If you are among those that dont care for the task of cutting the flooring material around the framework of cabinets and appliances you would probably prefer to install the floors first. Chapter 2 How To Install Wall Cabinets Installing Kitchen Cabinets Installing Cabinets Best Kitchen Cabinets I suppose we could use ply for both tile and hardwood. Install kitchen cabinets or floors first. Contractors often cover the flooring with heavy