Swollen Gum Around One Wisdom Tooth

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Pericoronitis is diagnosed during a clinical exam. Your dentist will see inflamed gum tissue in the area of the unerupted or partly erupted wisdom tooth. The gums may be red, swollen or draining fluid or pus.
Partial eruption of a wisdom tooth can create a flap of gum tissue next to the tooth.. It's called pericoronitis if the tissue around the tooth becomes inflamed.. If you have symptoms of pericoronitis, make an appointment to see your dentist.
It's common to suddenly spot something you didn't notice before. How, for example, could a swollen gum around one tooth form? Here are three explanations.
Swollen Wisdom Teeth Causes. Impaction: Sometimes wisdom teeth can become impacted. In this case, they are blocked from coming up through the gums by the jawbone or other teeth. Cysts, or pockets of fluid, can form around the tooth, and in some rare cases this can even lead to tumors.
Toothache due to swollen gum around those wisdom teeth is one of the worst feelings. Find its causes and use simple yet effective remedies to get relief.
Q: Why do I have a swollen gum around one tooth and what to do to make it better?. infection of the gums that can occur at the time of wisdom tooth eruption.

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