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Etofenprox Dogs. Safety Assessment of Etofenprox, S-Methoprene, and Piperonyl Butoxide in Dogs Topically Exposed to Bio Spot Defense. Stephanie D Bland, Ramesh C Gupta,  Etofenprox is an antiparasitic active ingredient used in veterinary medicine mainly in pets against external parasites (lice, mites, fleas, flies, ticks, etc.). … Main veterinary parasites controlled: flies, ticks, mites, lice, fleas, mosquitoes, etc. … Never use products for livestock.

The labels claim etofenprox kills fleas, 4 types of ticks, and kills and … I use Frontline Plus or PetArmour Plus for my dogs and Advantage for my . Pyrethroids (permethrin, phenothrin, etofenprox, fenvalorate) – Pyrethroids are synthetic … In Drs. Foster & Smith Fiprotrol™ Plus Flea & Tick Control for Dogs, . Etofenprox is a pyrethroid derivative which is used as an insecticide. Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc. is the main manufacturer of the Chemical. It is also used as an …

Chemical formula‎: ‎C25H28O3
Melting point‎: ‎37.4 °C (99.3 °F; 310.5 K)
CAS Number‎: ‎80844-07-1
Boiling point‎: ‎Degradation at about 200 °C
Pyrethrin product for both cats and dogs (note photo of both on the label). Pyrethrins are …. spot on with etofenprox dog only product etofenprox.
Not sure what type of flea and tick medication to pick for your dog or cat? … the Tritak for cats hasetofenprox (a pyrethroid-ester) while the Tritak for dogs has … EtofenproxEtofenprox is the adulticide active ingredient found in Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs and Cats. The mode of action for … In addition, cats are less likely than dogs to expose themselves … including phenothrin and etofenprox, can cause a similar syndrome in cats …
Dogs over 20 pounds would need at least twice the recommended dosage to kill fleas for 2 weeks. It does not kill flea eggs or larvae or break the flea life cycle.Etofenprox only kills ticks for 22 days at the recommended dosage on dogs around 10 pounds. … Etofenprox is not safe to use on cats at all.
Whether or not a pyrethrin or pyrethroid product is toxic depends on the animal species involved, as well as the concentration, synergists and carriers used in the product. The use of pyrethrins/pyrethroids is very safe in dogs; however, cats and fish are very sensitive to pyrethrins/pyrethroids.
The synergist most widely used with pyrethrins is ‘piperonyl butoxide.’ All pyrethrins are easily hydrolyzed and degraded by stomach acids so toxicity following ingestion by pets is very low. … Pyrethrins are generally safe for kittens as young as 4-6 weeks of age. Pyrethrin is NOT the same as permethrin.

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